Eutrophication of the Mind

I can’t tell whether I actually miss home or whether I just miss my dogs.

I would be 100% not surprised if it was the later.

Dear Professor (if I can even call you that because you don’t actually have your Ph.D.),

If you are going to change the date of a final exam, please tell the class closer to the beginning of the semester. Not 2 weeks before the end of the semester.




San Francisco, California, USA


San Francisco, California, USA

History, Politics/Political Science, and Law Never Cease to Make Me Happy

  • Tuesday morning: went to office hours with my history professor. We had an excellent conversation and he’s so nice and approachable, even though he seems distant and awkward in class. I wanted to discuss my research topic, which was pretty fuzzy then. He helped me figure out some more sources and let me borrow his book. Best part: I said (jokingly) that the best place to do research for my topic idea would be at the British Library in London. So he said that if that was something I was interested in, I should consider Fulbright and he would help me!
  • Tuesday afternoon: went to the library and got books to narrow the topic. Emailed my professor my idea: looking at how the English Civil War affected law/politics/society 
  • Thursday morning: I told my professor that I couldn’t find the book in the library. He told me to keep his copy until Interlibrary loan gets it to me. Then he said that the TA (who is an expert in the English Civil War) for the class had an idea. So he comes over and first gives me a list of books that would be helpful. THEN he suggested, because I am interested in looking at the law/constitution surrounding the English Civil War, that I look into the constitutional problems with putting the king on trial to begin with. 
  • Friday afternoon: went to the stacks to find those recommending books. Every book I looked at, I wanted. Clearly I have picked the right subjects to study. These are all of the ones I actually picked up (there must have been a 100 more I wanted):image

My TA’s suggestion was brilliant. As he was talking, my mind immediately jumped to the U.S. Constitution and U.S. politics. In the United States, our elected representatives can impeach the President. This is not an amendment to the Constitution added later based on more recent history, it is in Article I, Sections 2, 3, and 4, Article II, Sections 2 and 4, and in Article III, Section 2. Given the political philosophies that influenced the Founding Fathers, I would argue that they knew of the problems associated with the English Civil War and did not want to deal with those same issues with the most powerful politician as the English did 150 years earlier. They wanted to ensure those protections for the American people and give them rights in the American written constitution that the English did not have at the time of the English Civil War under their “constitution,” if it can even be defined as one by today’s standards.

This is something I did not learn explicitly in my American history or American politics classes, but it is important. It gives perspective to what rights we as Americans take for granted; this shows where those ideas came from and how history influenced the Founding Fathers in ways that go back even further than what is taught in basic U.S. history classes.


San Francisco, California by mbphotograph
submitted by: mbphotograph, thanks!


San Francisco, California by mbphotograph

submitted by: mbphotograph, thanks!

I haven’t watched an episode of a TV show in at least a month (except when my friends made me watch Adventuretime, but that’s not a real show so I’m not counting it) and it actually feels pretty liberating. My parents keep asking me if I’ve caught up on Shameless or finished House of Cards and everyone is freaking out over the season finale of HOC, but I’m writing cool essays and reading interesting articles for class. And I am content with that. 

When I get sick of school which will be immediately after finals, I will catch up on all of my shows. And by that time, Mad Men will have begun to air so I can binge watch and not worry about school.

I was just looking back at some old pictures from high school graduation. The ceremony itself is kind of a blur but I remember everything after perfectly. 

And I think my favorite memory (that I’m laughing to myself about) is when my dog came over to my cousin and just ate the cake out of her lap. No one realized it was happening, then all of a sudden, it’s gone. He had to be tied down for the rest of the night. I guess he was 12 then and he’s still got some crazy in him.

“I got bats in the belfry
I’m in the kitchen, boiling society
I’m in the open catching all the leaves
we all see what we want”

—   Dispatch, “Bats in the Belfry”






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So cute!

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